HomeMeds is a nationally recognized evidence-based home medication management system. HomeMeds screens for common medication-related problems such as inappropriate use of over-the-counter drugs and adverse effects like falls.  This Iowa home care service includes a comprehensive in-home assessment being conducted with the consumer by trained HomeMeds staff, using HomeMeds software to screen medications for potentially harmful problems.

Medication-related problems and errors endanger the lives and well-being of many older adults.  Medication errors cause approximately 7,000 deaths per year in this country.  The annual cost of drug-related illness and death exceeds $170 billion.  Almost 50% of our elders still living in the community have medication-related problems.  And at least 25% of all harmful adverse drug events that are caused by medication errors are preventable.

How does HomeMeds work?

  1. HomeMeds staff will write down a complete list of the medications taken by the consumer and record how and why each is taken.
  2. Staff will also ask assessment questions about falls, dizziness, or confusion and ask to take blood pressure and pulse in both sitting and standing positions.
  3. The HomeMeds software matches any issues experienced by the consumer to the medications that may cause them.
  4. Staff works with a consultant pharmacist who will review the information to find out if any of the medications taken may be causing any ill effects.
  5. If any potential problems occur, the pharmacist will contact the consumer’s physician for review and discussion.
  6. HomeMeds staff will provide to the consumer a complete medication list that can be taken to doctor appointments or given to family members.

HomeMeds Consumer Story…Iowa home care and Iowa elder care at work

“I was taking 18 medications at the time a HomeMeds assessment was done on me.  I was taking so many drugs that I couldn’t even tell you what they were all for.  After they reviewed my medications, they realized that I was taking multiple drugs for the same symptoms and that I was taking some drugs that I shouldn’t have been.  Can you believe that I’m only taking 6 drugs now!  And I’ve never felt better.”


Doctors today have too little time with each patient to ask crucial questions about their medications to determine if they may need adjustments.  They also may not have the opportunity to ask about use of over-the-counter medications, herbal products, and other supplements.  Physicians will appreciate the value of the HomeMed Medication Program when patients bring in a complete list of medications and when the HomeMed pharmacists calls them to report possible problems.

Pricing and Payment

Elderbridge Alliance pledges to provide dependable, compassionate assistance that you can trust. At the heart of this promise is a local, caring and passionate individual dedicated to serving you.

A combination cost per hour and cost by job is used for all our services. Customer will be provided a detailed invoice for services rendered.