Home Again

Home Again

Returning home from a hospital or nursing home stay can be difficult if support is not there for you. Daily routines will not be quite the same and those simple tasks you took for granted may not be so easy to do while recuperating at home.

Home Again is an Iowa home care service provided by Elderbridge Alliance that supports an individual who returns home from a hospital or nursing facility stay.  Professional and knowledgeable staff will visit you within the first few days after returning home.

 As part of this Iowa home care service a Home Again staff member will:

  • Explain about Home Again and other Elderbridge Alliance services
  • Ask about those simple daily tasks that need to be done and try to help with as many of them as possible
  • Assess needs and determine if arrangements for community services should be made
  • Help with understanding instructions from the hospital
  • Review emergency numbers and discuss where personal medical information should be stored for easy access by emergency responders
  • Check medications and assist with getting any needed OTC drugs or prescriptions
  • Make follow-up appointments to the doctor
  • Arrange transportation if needed
  • Provide written summary of assessment, action taken, and referrals or recommendations made
  • Follow-up with the individual one week after visit
Pricing and Payment

Don’t face coming home without any support. Let Elderbridge Alliance provide the assistance you need.  The Home Again services will help provide a safe and successful transition back home.  Call today!

A combination cost per hour and cost by job is used for all our services. Customer will be provided a detailed invoice for services rendered.