Care Coordination

Care Coordination

If you need some Iowa home care based support to remain living safely at home, Elderbridge Alliance can lend you a helping hand.  Sometimes assistance is needed with your activities of daily living such as dressing, using the bathroom, walking, or eating.  Elderbridge Alliance provides a Care Coordination service that will link you to the services you need.  A trained and caring Care Coordinator will guide you in developing a plan of Iowa home care and arrange for your chosen services and providers to support you in your own home.

One phone call from you will start the process.  The Elderbridge Alliance Care Coordinator will set up a home visit with you to help you fully define your needs and wants.  The home visit will include yourself and any friends or family members that you feel would be helpful in determining your needs.  Based on the information from the assessment completed, the Care Coordinator will discuss what services are recommended and what agencies provide those Iowa home care services in the community.  This interactive assessment process will help you in your decision making for long-term living needs.

The Care Coordinator will…

  • Develop a plan of action with your input to assure that your needs are safely met
  • Arrange for the Iowa home care and Iowa elder care  services that you have chosen
  • Provide coordination of services in order to achieve a successful outcome
  • Monitor plan of action and services
  • Maintain regular contact with you to ensure that your care needs are being met to your satisfaction

Pricing and Payment
Elderbridge Alliance pledges to provide dependable, compassionate assistance that you can trust. At the heart of this promise is a local, caring and passionate individual dedicated to serving you.

A combination cost per hour and cost by job is used for all our services. Customer will be provided a detailed invoice for services rendered.