This Christmas why not think out of the box and give a gift that requires no box, wrapping paper or long wait in line with holiday shoppers.

Give a gift of service with an Errand Buddy gift certificate. An Elderbridge Alliance Errand Buddy will pick up your elderly loved one and accompany them to the destination of choice. Perhaps a trip to the hair salon, a Christmas get-together or a holiday shopping spree.

Call 855-664-4692 for more information on rates and services.


Linda on Errand Buddy services and shopping with buddy Nancy Ketcham:

“Nancy and I already knew each other, so it was perfect. It was like two girlfriends going grocery shopping together! She knows what I like and knows me fairly well. Nancy also knows my daughter real well, so she is someone I trust. I don’t have a car, so I don’t drive. I have found this service to be very helpful to me. I can’t get out to get groceries very easily, so this works really well for me. I’ve told people about Elderbridge Alliance and have a flyer posted on our bulletin downstairs (at Sunset Apartments in Spencer, Iowa).

Linda shops with "Errand Buddy" Nancy Ketcham

Since I already knew Nancy, I felt this Errand Buddy service was even more personal. Nancy made suggestions to me and assisted me with choosing grocery items as needed. Next Wednesday, Nancy is going to provide Errand Buddy service again for me to go grocery shopping and I’m looking forward to it.”

"Errand Buddy" is a new service offered by Elderbridge Alliance that came in very handy for a pair area residents recently.

On July 30th, 87 year old Avis of Spirit Lake and her Uncle Leon, age 94, needed help getting to a family reunion in Ledyard, Iowa. Neither drive anymore, but Avis said they very much wanted to attend this special event, "We had a family reunion but neither of us have a driver's license, so without this service we wouldn't have been able to get there as easily. "

An Elderbridge Alliance staff member was there to help out and Avis raved about Brittany Laubenthal, her new"Errand Buddy", "I had such a wonderful trip! Brittany was such a sweet girl. She was so gracious and gave us more time to spend with our family at the reunion that we had originally requested. It was very, very nice!"

Elderbridge Errand Buddy accompanies individuals on all kinds of outing, such as shopping, hair salon appointments, banking, coffee or meal outings and other non-medical engagements.

Errand Buddy provides the non-medical care and support you would provide if your schedule or location permitted. Elderbridge Alliance works with you and your elderly loved one to fulfill the services you want and need. Your elderly loved one will travel to and from their destinations safely and comfortably, whether they are traveling from their home or care facility.

Errand Buddy will relieve the family of day-to-day activities that can complicate already busy schedules. Whether we are going to the grocery, the pharmacy or the library, providing companionship, confirming appointments or recreation, we do it in a manner that’s fun, safe and promotes dignity and independence.

As Avis said, "I come back to Spirit Lake every summer. I will definitely use the Errand Buddy service again, and I will be sure to recommend it to other people!

“I was taking 18 medications at the time a HomeMeds assessment was done on me. I was taking so many drugs that I couldn’t even tell you what they were all for. After they reviewed my medications, they realized that I was taking multiple drugs for the same symptoms and that I was taking some drugs that I shouldn’t have been. Can you believe that I’m only taking 6 drugs now! And I’ve never felt better.”

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