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Sometimes people need a little help to get by. It might be a trip to the doctor or grocery store or it may be assistance to settle in at home after a stay in the hospital or after rehabilitation. Elderbridge Alliance is committed to stepping in and lending a hand when you need some help along the way. We can provide assistance to adults and seniors when family and friends cannot, promoting independence and peace of mind.

Healthcare Visit Companion

Healthcare Visit Companion accompanies individuals to medical appointments, assists with communication to the medical provider, advocates for care and ensures understanding of prescribed treatment.

Home Safety Assessment

Home Safety Assessment helps identify potential fall and safety hazards that may be present. Recommendations will be made to address barriers and improve safety in the home.

Errand Buddy

Errand Buddy accompanies individuals on errands such as shopping, hair salon appointments, banking, coffee or meal outings and other non-medical engagements.

Care Coordination

Care Coordination utilizes an interactive assessment process to provide information and support to individuals to assist them in decision making for long-term living needs.

Home Again

Home Again provides support to individuals who return home from a hospital or nursing facility. Through an evaluation of needs, barriers are identified that need to be addressed in order to experience a successful transition back home.


HomeMeds is an in-home medication assessment program that uses HomeMeds software to screen medications of individuals for potentially harmful problems. Findings are reviewed by a consultant pharmacist who brings significant problems to the attention of their physicians.

Bridging our services to help meet your needs.

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Pricing and Payment

Elderbridge Alliance pledges to provide dependable, compassionate assistance that you can trust. At the heart of this promise is a local, caring and passionate individual dedicated to serving you.

Payment Types

We accept cash, check and approved credit cards through PayPal.
Full payment is due at the completion of services.


A combination cost per hour and cost per assessment is used for all our services. Customer will be provided a detailed invoice for services rendered.

  • Home Again  $75/hr
  • Care Coordination  $75/hr
  • HomeMeds Assessment  $200/assessment
  • Home Safety Assessment  $75/assessment
  • Healthcare Visit Companion  $75/hr
  • Errand Buddy  $50/hr
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Bridging our services to help meet your needs.

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